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Find the right credit: Credit with Schufa or credit without Schufa

Larger purchases are often not easy to make and often require a loan. A new kitchen or a new car, everything is associated with high costs. So that everyday life can still go on, exactly for this a loan can be the right help.

Finding the right one, and especially when there may be problems with Schufa, is not always easy. The many offers and especially the differences when it comes to interest rates are considerable. A good advisor can help a lot, even online.

You can get advice on our website We are also happy to help you with a Schufa self-disclosure, because it is important. This way, it can be clarified in advance what type of loan is eligible.

With the different types of credit with Schufa or credit without Schufa, there are differences and with both it is worthwhile to pay attention to so some things.

Credit with Schufa, what do you have to pay attention to?

Whenever a loan is requested from a bank, this bank makes a credit inquiry with Schufa. With this inquiry, information is then given to the bank about your creditworthiness. This means how you have dealt with loans in the past and whether you have had difficulties with repayments. So far, so good.

Now, however, it is important to know that each of these inquiries is stored at Schufa and that for 1 year, and is also visible to all other banks for 10 years. In any case, you must take into account that the more credit inquiries are made, the worse your credit rating is. This can lead to the rejection of a loan.

The situation is different if the bank does not make a credit inquiry but a condition inquiry. In this case, the inquiries are also stored for one year, but are not visible to others and do not affect the creditworthiness.

The difference is serious and should be considered in any search for a loan.

It is therefore important to pay attention not only to the interest rates, which are of course particularly important, but also to the type of request to Schufa:

  • Credit application or
  • Condition request

Credit without Schufa - what do you have to pay attention to?

If a loan is out of the question for you, a loan without Schufa can also be worthwhile for you. However, you need to pay special attention to a few things, because a serious trap can quickly snap shut here.

Because dubious providers in particular hide costs that you don't expect, so it's worth taking a close look here. In addition, you have to reckon with a few things:

  • Those who seek a loan without Schufa usually do so for a reason, because here it is to be expected that the Schufa is not good. Therefore, the lender takes a higher risk, which he then compensates with a higher interest rate.

ImportantMake sure to choose reputable providers, usually you can recognize them by the fact that the credit is not burdened with additional fees, and especially that no prepayment is used.


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