Your SCHUFA self-disclosure according to DSGVO

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We obtain your
SCHUFA information

In accordance with Article 15 DSGVO, you have the right to obtain your data from SCHUFA at any time. There are many reasons to check this self-disclosure for existing entries. We will gladly take care of the application for you! We offer you an uncomplicated service to request your information quickly and inexpensively. We recommend that you use the SCHUFA self-disclosure for your own information purposes and only pass it on to third parties after it has been redacted. Furthermore, the service has no contractual relationship with SCHUFA Holding AG or other credit agencies. Correspondence with SCHUFA Holding AG is also possible at any time free of charge and without using our services.

GDPR - what many consumers do not know:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that companies such as SCHUFA must provide you with a free SCHUFA self-disclosure at "reasonable intervals". What is "reasonable"? Probably not every month, but certainly more often than just once a year! Take advantage of this opportunity now and get your data!

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Information has arrived and is in order.
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