Car insurance despite SCHUFA entry?

SCHUFA query for motor vehicle insurance

Similar to cell phone contracts and loans, insurance companies also need to protect themselves. Payment defaults lead to higher prices for all policyholders. Of course, you don't want that. That's why many insurance companies check the creditworthiness of potential customers when an application is submitted. If this SCHUFA check turns out to be negative, then you cannot register your car at the registration office because the insurance company will not issue you an EVB number. This is very annoying, because you might need the car urgently to drive to work.

Liability insurance - why compulsory?

The word liability insurance is somewhat misleading: It is not called that because the insurance company would be obliged to conclude a contract with you, but because this insurance is mandatory in order to participate in road traffic with a vehicle. Basically, everyone in Germany is free to conclude contracts with whomever they want - or not. And if an insurance company does not want to enter into a contract with you because of a negative SCHUFA query, then that's a shame, but ultimately it's their decision.

The insurance company refuses because of SCHUFA information - what to do?

There are some insurance companies that are more accommodating. Of course, these insurers are also profit-oriented companies and have an interest in ensuring that the policy is paid for. You may have to accept some restrictions in the scope of benefits. Some insurers require you to pay in advance for one year in the event of a negative SCHUFA report and limit the scope to liability, so that you do not get partial or comprehensive cover. It is worth comparing the offers and business policies of the various insurance companies.

Another important step: check your SCHUFA information. If it contains incorrect or outdated entries, have them deleted. We will be happy to help you with this using our form on our site.

But first, in case of rejection of car insurance because of SCHUFA, proceed as follows:

  1. Obtain a current SCHUFA self-assessment. You can do this easily here on our site or by writing to SCHUFA directly.
  2. Look carefully at what is included in the information. Are entries incorrect? Have them deleted! Are entries justified? Pay the claim. The faster you can do this, the faster the problem is solved!

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