Proceed against SCHUFA entry with lawyer

Can a lawyer help with a SCHUFA entry?

Yes, he can! Depending on the type of entry, it may even make sense to consult a specialized lawyer. Some cases are more complicated than they first appear. Even if many people do not like SCHUFA - most of the time it is not SCHUFA that is the problem, but the claim that led to the SCHUFA entry. A good lawyer will ask you the right questions here to solve your problem in the best possible way!

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Obsolete entries

Where people work, mistakes happen, and it may be that a debt that was paid long ago and for which all deletion periods have expired is still listed in your SCHUFA report. In such a case, it is easy for you or a lawyer to point this out to SCHUFA. Usually, SCHUFA will correct this immediately, because they are not interested in incorrect entries and certainly not in harming you!

Incorrect entries due to confusion

This also exists: Identical names can lead to errors. In these cases, too, SCHUFA will correct the entry as soon as you provide it with suitable documents that clearly show the confusion. SCHUFA will also actively support you in this.

Unjustified claims

Perhaps you have fallen into a cost trap and a claim is being made against you that does not even exist? Here, a lawyer can best assess whether you should take action against this claim.

Revocable transactions (such as loans)

Since the diesel scandal, many people know it: most car loans, but also real estate loans, are revocable because the terms of the contract contain serious errors. This means that the loan is then reversed (and often the car goes back to the dealer's yard). If such a loan has resulted in a SCHUFA entry for you, a good lawyer will do everything possible to help you revoke the contract. In the case of a car loan, you may then get rid of your fraud diesel at the same time! In the case of a real estate loan, you would then probably have to look for follow-up financing. But in any case you will get back the paid interest and fees in case of a successful revocation. This can be many thousands of euros. Especially if you have financed at a significantly higher interest rate than usual today, this may be worth considering. In the event of a revocation, the entire loan transaction is unwound as if it had never taken place. Can you imagine what this could mean for your SCHUFA record?

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